Join us in celebrating the day of victory in Europe on this special 75th anniversary!


Find out about Tarporley VE Day 75 here!

 What is VE Day?

VE Day is the day that WW2 officially ended when the allies formally accepted Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender.


What happened then?


Yes! The long lasting war was finally over, and soon after the news was broacasted to the nation, streets all over the country were filled with people coming together in celebration!

They used what they could find - as everything was rationed at the time - and shared food to have massive street parties.

Tarporley VE Day 75


Unfortunately we can't have the big street parties (yet!). But it is far better to be safe for now!

Instead, we can try and bring a bit of joy into Tarporley during these hard times. We are encouraging everyone to get involved and have a picnic in their front gardens (maintaining social distancing!) and decorate their houses in white, blue and red ballons, bunting, etc!

We'd also love to see you get creative, so if you do decorate please send us some pictures on our social media on Facebook or Instagram! Or feel free to tag us or use #TarporleyVEDay75

What else is going on?

Oh yes, there's more!

Get involved in the activities throughout the day (, including:

9 AM: Tarporley poems & readings by figures from the community - found on the councils website.

10:50 AM: A live service followed by a 2 minute silence at 11 AM. Watch live on our facebook page or our website.

3 PM: The nations toast; Join us on our social media to toast the heroes. Watch on Facebook, our our website.

3:30 PM: BINGO! Join us for a community wide game of live bingo! Use the cards in your VE Day packs and watch the live stream. More info here.

5PM: Colouring competition entry deadline! More info here

6:55 PM: A cry for peace around the world. Watch Live on Facebook or our website.

7 PM: Church bells ringing for Peace.

7:30PM: Colouring competition winner announced! More info here

9PM: A nation-wide sing along to Vera Lynn & a speech from the Queen on BBC One!

Sunday 10th May - 10:30AM: Online church services for Tarporley. Links coming soon!

See tarporley.org.uk for some more videos and posts

Do you like what we're doing?

If you like what we are doing, or enjoy the activities on the day... then why not donate!

Everything we do is organised by volunteers and we rely on donations to keep going! 

Anything you receive this VE Day from us or any services we provide online are paid for by our branch funds.

Any donations we take for VE Day will be equally split between our branch, Tarporley Poppy Appeal and Tarporley War Memorial Hospital.

Donations to our branch will help us to continue to support your community and organise future events from national celebrations, remembrance parades to parades like 'there but not there'.

Funds that go to the Poppy Appeal will help those in need that are part of the Armed Forces community, from basic needs like household maintenance to ongoing help for bigger issues. Whenever they need us, we'll be there.

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital is hugely dependent on donations. This is a fantastic hospital and as a village we are very lucky to have it and everything they do!

We are all so grateful for any donations, however big or small! Thank you for helping us to continue supporting our community! You can donate online, quickly and safely, here

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