Tarporley Remembrance Parade 2019


Thank you Tarporley for taking the time to remember the fallen!

What a huge success it was again this year, and a privilege to have Anna from Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre and Cheshire Constabulary Drum and Bands lead the parade.

Following them, we had the Queen's Representative Alistair Stoddart, Tarporley RBL Branch, Tarporley ACF detachment, police, ambulance services, Tarporley Memorial Hospital, Rotary Club, parish council, Tarporley Fire Brigade, Cubs, Scouts, Beavers, Brownies, Girl Guides, Tarporley High School & Primary School and many more!

As well as such a big parade, the turnout for people watching was massive! The streets of Tarporley were lined with onlookers as the parade marched past, and St. Helens church was once again filled with an overflow outside who could watch the service on the two TV’s.

The service at St. Helens that was led by Rev'd Georgina Watmore was fantastic and even had an appearance from Lion King’s Simba himself! (or a teddy version at least…) with many from the community taking part by reading names, prayers or singing hymns!

As done every year, the parade visited Tarporley Memorial Hospital to lay a wreath, sing a hymn and make a prayer. It was a great chance for those in the hospital to see the parade up close and personal, and a quick hello to Anna as she walked past.

We were all blown away with the sheer height of Anna the shire horse! She leered over the crowds as she elegantly strode through the streets of Tarporley leading the parade. Anna has won many awards for a variety of competitions and can be visited at the Shire Horse Centre in Cotebrook. She even took time at the end of the day to take some pictures with participants and onlookers at the community centre. She was very professional and collected throughout the day looking proud in front of the crowds. She is also expecting a foal in late April 2020! We want to say a big thank you to Anna and the Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre for attending!

We would also like to thank Cheshire Constabulary Drum and Bands for attending the parade this year! We were blown away by the sound from such a large and professional band!

We’re grateful for the help from Tarporley 6th Form for being our videographers for the day too! They helped film the whole parade & service which was live streamed to Facebook and YouTube, the videos are still there and you can find them by searching ‘Tarporley RBL’.

Thank you to all those involved and those who attended!

©2019  Tarporley Royal British Legion.

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